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Gold Coast, Australia

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About Melissah

Australian Natural Therapists Association

Member No: 10407

BHSc Naturopathy, BHSc Western herbal medicine 



Womens health

Sleep and Anxiety

My Story

I first embarked on my natural health journey when i was 19, suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks. My anxiety got so bad that it was interfering with my life. 

Doctors tried to prescribe me medications, but I wasn’t comfortable taking them and feared some of the side effects. I felt like it was just a bandaid solution and I wasn’t getting to the core of what was really happening or how to fix it.

I did some research and went to see a naturopath. From there we started to review my diet and introduced supplementation to assist with key deficiencies associated with my condition. I also introduced some new lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques and I discovered the rescue remedy flower essence, which I carried in my handbag with me everywhere! 

I soon became fascinated with natural therapies, which led me to study naturopathy and herbal medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health here on the Gold Coast.

I graduated in 2014 and have since been enjoying the journey of starting my own business and continuing to expand my skills and knowledge.

​I have also undertaken another entrepreneurial journey with the development of a range of naturopathic tools, including an app called Herbal-Pro. These are designed specifically to assist naturopathic students and practitioners to simplify and speed up their consultations with the help of quick reference and calculation tools. You can check out my naturopathic tools website to find out more.....

I am also a busy working mum and so I have come to realise more than ever the importance of ensuring we still look after ourselves as well as our families. 

I've also discovered how difficult it can be to find the time to get to an appointment or sit down and plan out healthy meals. This is why I hope you will find what i have to offer in the way of online services very helpful.

​Check out my services page for more details and please if you have any questions at all, I would love to hear from you!